I’m at Risk, Are You?

We are all at risk of depression, suicide, abuse and eating disorders. 

I love the resources at girlsinc.org, but boys are equally at risk. Many of which suffer in silence, feel alone, and/or are afraid to share what they are going through. I have suffered from chemical imbalance and depression for years and I was afraid of what others would think of me if they found out.

Earlier this week I saw the following and I feel it is an important message to share:

(Originally posted by Vicki Yohe Facebook March 30, 2015)

I am on a journey of health and healing from abuse, chemical imbalance, suicide, eating disorders, and depression. I want to help others find there one journey of health and healing.

Join me in sharing  your story. Depression, abuse, eating disorders and suicide looks different for everyone. I think it’s important to educate it’s not all the same. If you are willing to participate please send an email to beyondabuseessentialhealing@gmail.com and include how you would like me to credit you it can be just your initials.


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