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Join our community on the journey of health and healing from abuse, chemical imbalance, suicide, eating disorders, depression, and more. Find your path of health, wellness, and healing.

If you need immediate assistance or have already been hurt call 911 or your country’s emergency service number. Click here for a list of resources. Newest Blog Posts

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  1. Briefly, my sister and I was abused by our father. Because of the abuse our mother treated us as if we were other women having an affair with her husband and did nothing to protect us from him. I survived, my sister didnt. She passed away and ironically my father passed away two weeks after she did. I stayed bitter and angry for years. I mean I wasted years being hurt and bitter. I hated my mother. I hated myself. Men used me because I was looking for someone to love me. I thought if a man wanted see from me he loved me. And in God I have the love that I so longed for. It was there all the time.


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