From Skeptic to Daily User of Essential Oils

I can’t remember when I first heard about essential oils, but I remember my sister telling me about it. My first response was “I would never spend that much on such a small bottle”. Slowly I had more and more friends start using and sharing their experiences with essential oils. Each time they asked if I wanted to learn more I would decline. My sister became Essential Oil Wellness Advocate and talking about the different oils she had and was using. I was still skeptical.

In 2011 I had surgery on both of my knees to  repair torn meniscus, bilateral & lateral releases. Unfortunately, both knees had way more damage than the doctor thought going in and I was in excruciating pain. The doctor had me on two different pain killers and a muscle relaxers to cope with the pain. As the weeks went on I was desperate for relief and was becoming dependent on the pain killers to make it through the day. Once again my sister recommended I try essential oils. I was still skeptical because I had tried, Aspercreme®, and Bengay® topical creams with little relief, but I was ready to try anything. I was pleasantly surprised that I was finally able to have enough relief to sleep through the night. I was also able to start backing off on the oral pain killers.

I decided to start learning more about essential oils. My sister had the Modern Essentials Book and was learning more about using essential oils for different health issues replacing common over the counter drugs. I started trying them for my family with great results. I started researching different companies and  learning more about essential oils for myself about the benefits of essential oils I chose to become a Wellness Advocate as well.

I now use essential oils daily in my home. Each family member has our favorite oils to assist us with not only our physically but our emotional well being. I am grateful for my sister and friends who continued to share the essential oils with me despite my resistance.

The information that I share has not been tested by the FDA. I’m not a doctor, I can not diagnose or treat I am sharing from my own experience. It is important to educate yourself on the proper use essential oils. Many oils require a carrier oil to dilute them. Email me if you would like to learn more about Essential Oils

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