More Than I Can Take

Life is full of twists and turns; sometimes it gets overwhelming and more than I can take. The last several months our family has been dealing with our standard depression and anxiety issues, but we have had additional health problems, our personal property being stolen, and Warrior being bullied at school. I struggle with feelings of anger, fear and despair. I wonder how much more I can handle & how I can continue to do what I am doing.

Yesterday my daughter shared a song with me that she says echos how she feels right now.

As I listened to the lyrics of the song I can relate to my daughter. I often feel the same way. Daily I tell myself I am okay and that I can do this while slowly unraveling inside.

Today I read the words from a friend on Facebook:

Someday all will be well. One day I will wake up and this horrible dream will be over! I have a wonderful family here and a heart worthy of the gods i love, accept and forgive everyone at some point! One day I will make this right just as I promised and someday I will forgive those who put me in this place I am in but i will learn to suffer until I will no longer have to! Until that day my bad dream becomes a blissful truth! I love y’all very much and know the love and support from you is why I am that much more not about to give up but rather i will grab the world my its private bits and beat it!! I WILL NEVER RETREAT OR SURRENDER I REFUSE TO DO ANYTHING THAT IS NOT SUCCEEDING!!

Sometimes life throws us curve balls we can choose to become stronger and when we are surrounded by love we can always overcome anything because we all have at least one person who’s heart would bleed at the destruction of ourselves physically or mentally and it is what makes us strong because even at defeat we say no, not yet!! ~Keith G

I am grateful for his wise words and bold declarations. I to declare: I WILL NEVER RETREAT OR SURRENDER I REFUSE TO DO ANYTHING THAT IS NOT SUCCEEDING!!

I hope that as I share the experiences of my life I can strengthen others. I also hope you will join in the declaration.

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