Rising After the Darkness – New Year – New Possibilities

As we end one year and begin a new year, it is a good time to reflect on where we have been and where we want to be.rise-above 2016 carried both darkness and light, joy and sorry, love and pain. Join me in choosing something different for 2017.

Knowing that thoughts become our reality and that we can create our own destiny I want to create new possibilities and rise again to a life of love, joy, prosperity, health, wellness, power, and healing. Possibilities also require actions to move them forward. I choose actions such as self-care, exercise, budgeting, forgiving, learning, exploration, and patience. I will set my intentions, goals, and action steps for the year, then monthly, and weekly. I have created my vision board to help keep my eye on the prize and assist me in moving things forward.

Here are some resources I find helpful. Here’s to creating an amazing 2017!

The Huffing Post has great information on setting intentions. My favorite is “Creating Positive Intentions for the New Year“.

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