Let’s Talk About Triggers

Trigger Warning: This post is all about triggers. Triggers are different for everyone. You never know when they are going to show up. I am sharing in hopes of helping others.

An Emotional Trigger is a response to a person, situation, event, that provokes a strong emotional reaction. For some people, an upsetting or stressful life event, such as bereavement, divorce, illness, redundancy and job or money worries, can be the cause. Often we are not self aware when we are triggered, and fall into reacting prior to sifting through our strong emotional response. If we can be aware of what triggers us we can support the emotions that come with them.

One way to start becoming aware of our triggers is to keep pocket notebook. As you face different emotions throughout the day log your emotion and physical sensations along with what took place prior to experience the emotion. For example: Feeling anxious. Heart racing, sweating. Smelled cool water cologne. Reminded me of X. You may also ask yourself the following question:

What do you think you lost?

What did you not get that you expected?

What do I desired to have?

The sooner  we recognize the triggers and our reactions to them the sooner we can determine if they are a real threat or not. Some of the most common emotional triggers are due to our perception that needs aren’t getting or will not get met.

acceptance                   respect                      be liked

be understood              be needed                 be valued

be in control                 be right                      be treated fairly

attention                       comfort                      freedom

peacefulness               balance                      consistency

order                            predictability              love

safety                           feel included              autonomy

fun                               new challenges          independence

It takes practice,  but with time the reaction to our emotional triggers could subside, but they may never go away.  When you first notice the emotion think through your triggers and responses then log them. When you determine what you want to do next, shift into the emotion that will help you get the best results. The best you can do is to quickly identify when an emotion is triggered and then choose how you want to feel.

I have found deep breathing, meditation and essential oils that support the different emotions. My favorite resource for supporting emotions with essential oils is Emotions & Essential Oils: A Modern Resource for Healing and the Emotions & Essential Oils Wheel.


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