Be Careful with Your Words

12717826_792050657599120_1884129549389376030_nBe careful with your words, you never know when something you say to someone or something you say about someone to another person maybe the final straw. We are seeing too many lives lost because of bullying. How many more are lost to depression and anxiety that has been triggered by someones words?

Abuse No More recently posted some image that perfectly put into words things I have experience several times throughout my life. I can forgive, but the things that have been said to or about continue to hurt and effect my life. Those words seem to be what show up and ring loudly in my head when I am in the depths of depression.

12814091_794792497324936_145770171049235677_nIt is easy to judge and find fault with others, but have you ever stopped to think that it can destroy them as well? Deena Jordan said, “When we judge someone else we are actually judging ourselves.” We see faults in others that we see in ourselves. We only project them on to someone else to make ourselves feel better. Bullies only bully to make them self feel better or more important then the other person.

I recently saw the following video in my Facebook feed. The title is “The Secret to Happiness is Service”.  My take away from watching it was that as we serve others we see them differently. We see the world and others through our experiences and what is most important to us at that moment.

12718245_791518067652379_7324191764893128493_nWe don’t know what others are going through. Rarely are our judgement of other accurate. What would the world be like if we saw the whole picture, if we understood what others are going through. Look deeper. We can only see on the surface of others. We cannot judge without all the facts. It is important to treat others the way we want to be treated. Be a little kinder, be more generous, watch our words, and love a little deeper. Be the change you want to see in the world.

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