Out of Order – Raw Unedited


I wish when I am not feeling well or I am in pain that I could hang a sign around my neck that came with a warning and let everyone know to leave me alone or I might snap. Maybe I need design them as jewelry. What do you think necklaces that read, “Danger, Do Not Touch, Out of Order”, “Danger, Out of Commission”, or maybe something like, “STOP, Out of Service”?

I have done all I can do, given all and can give. I am not feeling well, I am in pain, I am tired and I am DONE!!!!! But with all that being said, I am still a wife, mother, etc, etc and there is still stuff that has to be done. Apparently, not just done, done without yelling, and work through it all without complaint.

I am now past my breaking point. I need all three signs hung around my neck so people can visibly see I can not currently do ANY MORE. I need to recover and regroup.



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