Rising After the Darkness

Blue has been having medical problems since June of 2015 and I had spiraled into survival mode. And I found myself in the darkness. I was anxious, depressed, angry, and scared. I stopped creating possibilities and taking care of myself.

As I drove to a doctors appointment with Blue this week we observed a beautiful sun rise. I marveled on how the light, clouds, and mountains created such an amazing scene and I had my daughter take pictures. While reviewing the pictures many thoughts crossed my mind. The sun always rises after darkness. rise-aboveEach day you have the choice to shine and raise again and create a new possibility for yourself and your life. You don’t have to know how, you just visualize it as if you already have it then just declare it. I am the possibility of change. I am creating a life of joy, love, adventure, and abundance.

I began rising out of the darkness while attending dōTERRA ONE Convention in September. This was my 3rd time attending convention and each one has been inspiring and uplifting. One of the things I enjoy most about their conventions is they not only educate the attendees about essential oils, they provide training for personal growth. Here are just a few of the things I took away from this years convention.

David Stirling shared a quote by Edward Everett Hale that reads:

I am only one,
But I am one.
I cannot do everything,
But I can do something.
The something I ought to do,
I can do.
And by the grace of God,
I will.

Emily Wright’s presentation was titled The Difference ONE Drop Makes. She share the difference that one person can make. She encouraged us to share our stories and to share the essential oils with others, and I realized it was time to get outside of myself again and start sharing my journey.

Emily also quoted Brenc Brown who said, “You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love & belonging.”

Rich Higbee stated, “We can’t control what happens, but we can control how we react.”

Dr Hill talked about the science behind aromas effecting the responses in our brain and how aromas effect our moods and emotions. I realized I could be doing better at supporting my moods and emotions with the essential oils I already use.

Viewing the sunrise I found myself reflecting back on everything I learned at the convention as well as things I have previously learned. I started writing down what I am grateful for. I have started taking time for myself and saying no to things I can not manage.  emotional_aromatherapy_wheel

When I am anxious I love to put a mixture of dōTERRA Balance with Lime on my wrists so I can smell them. I have also been drawn to the aromas of  the Cheer, and Motivate blends from the dōTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy System to support me as I experienced different events in my life. I apply them on my wrists or put them in a diffuser.

With the new information, I have been using the Essential Oils to better support my emotions and mood. I am seeing what is possible again. I get to choose who I am, I don’t have to accept the labels, judgements, or descriptions others have placed upon me. I can to share my life and experience with others. I can create new possibilities and rise out of the darkness. I don’t have to know how, I just visualize it as if I already have it then declare it. So I declare I am the possibility of change. I am creating a life of joy, love, adventure, and abundance.i-am-the-possibility

In this season of my life I am realizing that life is like a roller coaster filled with ups and downs, twists and turns. And as long as I keep learning from the experiences I am going through that it will all serve a greater purpose, my growth.

A friend shared the following Declaration with me and I think it is a fitting declaration for me as well.

fb_img_1475765564237Everyone has his or her own journey. We each have our own triggers and interpretations of life. My intent is to add in the healing process not cause anxiety or pain. Our experience may be similar but they are each unique. Even though many people could have been at the same event each person experiences and remembers those events through our own eyes and will recall the event differently. My blogs will be from my perspective of my life. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend. I am not a Doctor, Counselor or Therapist. I believe it is important to work with Doctors, Counselors and Therapist along with Essential Oils, Energy Healing and spirituality to find health, healing and balance.





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