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written by anonymous guest

Life did not begin as a normal happy baby would have liked. I was born 3 months premature addicted to crack and I was so very fortunate to have a father that loved me so very much and won custody of me. My birth mother was schizophrenic and also an addict, she was awarded supervised visitations and yet managed to kidnap me 3 times before my father died when I was 6. During those abductions she and her boyfriends abused me in every way shape and form. He died so that I could live and be removed from the abuse. Did you know that our personal core values are formed very early in life? Those early beginnings gave me very intense family values and personal values. I’m so grateful for my father’s love. Later in life I married a verbally abusive man and endured that married for 13 years. All 4 of my kiddos endured a mother and father yelling and screaming all the time. It was the most stressed out time of my life and when I finally left we were all emotionally scarred.

This year I celebrated my 39th year of life and have actively been seeking transformation of my wounded abused child for many years. It was about 4 years ago that I was introduced to Doterra Essential Oils because of the emotional downs and worrying when I filed for divorce. I wasn’t seeking help for me per say, rather for my children who were truly struggling emotionally. Within just a few seconds of inhaling Citrus Bliss, Elevation, Balance and Serenity my children and I fell in love with the positive effects and uplifting feelings we felt right away! This has carried us through some truly tough times.
Last May I started school to life coach, it’s a hands on learning school and we get to go through our transformation as a class. It is truly amazing to be one minute working on my inner wounded child and be able to comfort her with Console, Forgive and Peace blends. I have found that Doterra Essential Oils are the back door to the unconscious mind and truly work with the neuropathways to form new healthy neuropathways. There are times when it’s so painful to relive those memories and yet I know I’m just a smell away from feeling comforted, safe, peaceful. I’m so grateful!!

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