Opening a Dialog About Abuse

Abuse shows up in many forms Emotional, Verbal, Psychological, Sexual, Physical, Neglect, Family Violence and/or Domestic/Spousal Violence. It doesn’t matter what age the abuse took place or who the abuser was it leaves scars. The abuser is usually someone close to the abused and are generally in a position of trust. The abused are left disorientation, fear, depression, and suicidal.

Abuse is a behavioral pattern where one person controls another person with any of the following in any combination:

  • teasing/put downs
  • manipulation
  • blaming you for everything
  • gaslighting
  • threatening you
  • pushing
  • hitting/slapping
  • choking
  • kicking
  • biting
  • controlling the finances
  • controlling what you wear or how you look
  • threatening your children or other family members
  • threatening suicide to get you to do something
  • using or threatening to use a weapon against you
  • forcing you to have sex or to do sexual acts you do not want or like
  • keeping you from seeing your friends, family or from going to work

Abuse is often not talked about because of shame, fear and insecurities. It is also common that person being abused do not see themselves as victim of abuse. Another problem abusers do not see themselves as being abusive. If you feel like you are currently in an abusive situation there is help. There are people to support you. Don’t go through it ALONE!

It is time for victims to become survivors. It is time to open up a dialog about abuse and start the healing process.


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