What’s Wrong With Me?

by S.D. Burt

What’s wrong with me? My child asks.

Why am I the one who is picked last?

I do what you taught me putting others first.

But tell me momma, why am I treated worse?

If I did unto others as they do to me,

What kind of person would I end up to be?

I feel very lonely despite all my friends.

I am always there to catch them when their happiness ends.

I listen and comfort them the best that I can.

I serve them and help them create a new plan,

Then just like that they don’t call me anymore.

Tell me momma, is this what friends are for?

I see them with others having a good time.

Don’t worry about me, heartbroken, I am fine!

What’s wrong with me? My child asked.

Why do I keep repeating the pains from my past?

Treat others the way you want to be treated you say?

When will I find friends that treat me that way?

Always inviting just to be left out.

Please tell me this is not what true friendship is about.

Plans made then broken time after time.

What did I do to be so out of line?

How much longer will my loneliness last?

What’s wrong with me? My child asks.

I don’t know how to quiet your fears,

But I will hold you and wipe away your tears.

I don’t have the answer or know what to say.

I too hope to understand friendship someday.


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