Exploring I AM THAT, I AM

I AM an individual, I AM a daughter, I AM a woman, I AM a friend, I AM a sister, I AM a wife, I AM a mother, I AM what ever I choose to be. I AM the labels I choose to except. Unfortunately over the last several years I have chosen to accept the labels of I am depressed, I am anxious, I am a failure, I am overwhelmed, I am a victim, I am broken, I am stuck.

I was reminded today of things I had learned several years ago when I was living a life I loved. I was introduced to the book The Secret. I was reminded that I AM the peace I want to experience. I AM the possibility of all I want to create. Once again it needs to be a daily practice.

The Power of I AM” has brought on new awareness that I am a part of something greater than myself and I am able to share my journey as a contribution to the world. I want to share the video with you so you can experience the possibilities that are available to you.

The video that followed was “I am that I am meditation with Wayne Dyer” It stats: Using the powerful hidden Moses code I AM, THAT I AM is useful for morning And evening meditations. Spiritual, mind relaxing, co-creating at its best. I am excited to see what I can create as I start practicing this.

You can listen to The Secret on YouTube

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