Asking For Angels

As I shared the following experience with a friend, she encouraged me to share it here. This is not a topic I often share because it is sacred and special to me. My spirituality, belief in God as our Heavenly Father, prayer, and divine intervention are very personal and important to me. I believe in Angels and their ability to assist us. I believe that we are each give personal spiritual guidance if we chose to seek and follow it.

I have studied the work of Carol Tuttle for over ten years. In her book Remembering Wholeness she introduced me to the concept of asking God to petition our angels to assist us. Through my ups and downs I had forgotten that practice until I attended a Women’s Conference last month.

The keynote speaker was Wendy Watson Nelson, Professor of marriage and family therapy. She spoke about making time for what matters most. As she spoke there where several things that stood out. I am going to focus on one that influenced the experience I am going to share with you. She said, “Ask Angels to help you. Pray to Heavenly Father to ask the angels who are ready & willing to help you. Not only with family history but our lives.” she went on to talk about asking your angels to assist throughout your day. I took on that challenge asking each morning for the angels would are ready and willing to assist me throughout my day and guide me to those things that are for my greatest good. My days have been running more smoothly and I am able to see things I am experiencing differently. I still have stress, anxiety, and depression, but I am able to work through them.
A couple of weeks ago I had the following experience. JJ had been out of town and I had a very busy day on the day he was coming home. I decided I would need to prepare dinner before work so my afternoon was not so crazy. I am sure JJ’s Mom who past away last year was with me that morning as I preparing Lasagna for dinner. I prepared what I normally do to make a 9×13 pan of Lasagna. But while preparing it I found that there was double what I needed. I think JJ’s Mom helped me stretch it. At first I was frustrated, but then I decided to make a freezer meal, but there was not room in the freezer, so I was going to  posting it on Facebook and ask if anyone wanted a pan of Lasagna for dinner. But then I get the impression to call a specific person. I call and asked her if she would like Lasagna and she said, “How did you know I needed help” I told her that I was a prompting to call her.

I am grateful I had that experience and I know where ever you are you can ask for their assistance from your angels too.  I was then prompted to call my sister-in-law and share the experience with her. That prompting took a second and stronger prompting because I questioned it the first time not wanting to bother her as she got ready for work. I am glad I called her. For first time I knew who the angel was that was helping me. I knew that the passing of my mother-in-law had been difficult for our family. Her birthday was on March 15th, so my conversation with my sister-in-law lead to us getting together to celebrate her birthday. I am sure that was another reason she was assisting me that day. Mom wanted her family to spend time together.

I know this is not the only time I have been assisted by angels. I have felt guidance, comfort, and protection. I may not always feel them, but by asking for assistance from the angels who are ready & willing to help me that if I need them they will be there. I also know that they are assisting me more then I know. I am not always as in-tune to the workings of God and the angels.

I know that if you need assistance your angels will be different than mine and that they will be there to assist you if you ask for them. If you don’t know where or how to start I found a YouTube video of Carol Tuttle talking about petitioning our Angels from 2012. I also highly recommend getting a copy of her book Remembering Wholeness you can learn more from her on how to ask for Angels to assist you. It is also available in audio format.

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