Supporting Anxious Feelings with Essential Oils

As we stood in the middle of a store with Warrior frozen in place and shaking. I wish I would have had my essential oils in my purse not out in the vehicle. Warrior and I both have anxious feelings, but we each experience them differently and support ourselves with different essential oils. Warriors experiences them in her chest with a restriction of breathing, she experiences hand tremors and sometimes is paralyzed for lack of a better word. Other times it is a tightening in her shoulders. In both cases she can not think clearly, her mind just races in fear.

My feelings are felt in my stomach like I have been kicked. I become hot, hyper sensitive to being touched and movement around me. I often have a feelings of being out of control or trapped. I can’t think clearly, my mind races with irrational thoughts and fear.

Just as our anxious feeling are different so are the oils we go to for support. As we explored what oils best support our emotional well-being we turned to Emotions & Essential Oils: A Modern Resource for Healing and the Emotions & Essential Oils Wheel by Daniel Macdonald

We like the following essential oils to support our feelings of anxiousness:

Console – Comforting Blend
Breathe – Respiratory Blend
PastTense – Tension Blend

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. These are just what Warrior and I have found that it is best essential oils that support those emotions (Refer to the Emotions & Essential Oils: A Modern Resource for Healing and the Emotions & Essential Oils Wheel for more information). I smell the oils that I have available and see which ones bring a sense of peace, that help my thoughts calm down, and return me to more balanced emotions.

  • Motivate – Encouraging Blend – Discouraged, Lack of Motivation, stagnant, unable to move on
  • Cheer – Uplifting Blend – Burdened, hopeless, heavy hearted, helpless
  • Passion – Inspiring Blend – Self-denial, regimented, dutiful, joyless
  • Forgive – Renewing Blend – Critical, judmental, resentful, bitter, cynical, angry
  • Console – Comforting Blend – Grief, loss, traumatized, anxious, restless, emotional pain, unsettled
  • Peace – Reassuring Blend – Controlling, attached, afraid
  • Balance – Grounding Blend – Undergrounded, unwilling to take responsibility for self or life, disconnected, unstable, scattered
  • Basil – Anxious, weary, overwhelmed, tired, drained, exhausted, addicted
  • Bergamot – Despair, low self-esteem, self-judgement, unloveable, hopeless
  • Breathe – Respiratory Blend – Sadness, grief, unloved, distrust
  • Citrus Bliss – Invigorating Blend – Fear of self expression, stifled, emotionally imbalanced, low will to live
  • Deep Blue – Soothing Blend – Resistant to pain, avoidance of emotional issues, hysteria in painful situations, saddness
  • Grapefruit – Hate for the body, addiction to food or dieting, eating disorders, anxious feelings about appearance
  • Lime – Apathy, resignation, grief, suicidal thoughts and feelings, discouragement
  • PastTense- Tension Blend – Stress, overworked, nervous, burnout, overwhelmed, fatigued
  • Serenity – Calming Blend – Resentment, bitter, anger, sadness, perfectionism, unwilling to forgive
  • Spearmint – Fear of public speaking, nervous, timid, afraid to express opinions
  • Tangerine – Overburdened by responsibilities, downtroddend, heavy hearted, lack of fun or joy in life
  • Vetiver – Apathetic, despondent, disconnected, scattered, split, stressed, ungrounded, crisis


Warriors’ likes to got to the following for her anxious feelings:

Breathe – Respiratory Blend
Breathe & Lime (Equal parts)
Motivate – Encouraging Blend
Warriors Confidence Blend

As you look at the list of the oils and Blends Warrior supports her emotions with and the emotions they support you may or my not find you relate to her  emotions.

Both Warrior and I also go to counseling to support our anxious feelings and feelings of deep sadness and self-doubt and suicidal idealization.


I like the following for my anxious feelings:

Balance – Grounding Blend
Balance & Lime (Equal parts)
Citrus Bliss – Invigorating Blend
Cheer – Uplifting Blend
PastTense- Tension Blend
Beyond Abuse Blend

Warrior & I both also use a blend of equal parts of Serenity, Balance, and Vetiver that we have in a roller bottle to support our overall chemical imbalances, anxiousness, overwhelm, sadness, and suicidal thoughts and feelings. We apply it to the bottom of our feet first thing in the morning and before going to bed.

Please remember everyone has his or her own journey. No one experience abuse exactly the same. We each have our own triggers and my intent is to aid in the healing process and it is to add awareness to a growing problem not cause anxiety or pain. . Our experience may be similar but they are each unique. Even though many people could have been at the same event each person experiences and remembers those events through our own eyes and will recall the event differently. My blogs will be from my perspective of my life I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend. I am not a Doctor, Counselor or Therapist. I believe it is important to work with Doctors, Counselors, and Therapist along with Energy Healing, Essential Oils and spirituality to find health, healing and balance. The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.


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