I Am Becoming Wonder Woman

Last weekend I attended an amazing seminar titled, Queen of the Kingdom. It was just what I needed to put me back on track with self discovery and possibility. It was a seminar of 1500 woman from 28 different States.

My week prior had been unusual,  exhausting, and stressful. The morning of the first day did not  go as planned, so I debited if I should be going. With every excuse JJ would encourage me to go. Even telling me I needed to go enjoy it.

On the drive I had the following question run through my mind. “How do I break generational fears, worries, and lack?” As I sat there waiting for the event to start I prayed. Then my mind was focusing on all of the things going on with my family, every reason I should not be there, and questioning what I was doing. But as the day went on. The concepts being taught where not new to me, but the way they were being taught were.

I felt my inner voice that I call “IT” going crazy. I knew IT didn’t want me to agree to participate 100%. But as I get 100% I started to enjoy the experience.

The presenter, Kim Duncan, took us through a visualization. This was the answer to my question. I need to visualize wiping off the yuck, breaking the generational bands that connect me to my parents beliefs and the bands connecting them to their parents beliefs and so forth as far back as I can picture. Then I need to visualize new connections being made of abundance, love, ease, freedom, love, acceptance, and connection. I get to choose what I want.

One of my favorite quotes from Kim is, “I am not perfect, but I AM passionate.” That was ground breaking for me. I don’t have to be perfect. If I am passionate I can make a mistake and turn around and try again. When I am trying to be perfect I become overwhelmed and give up.

We talked about the power of our words, our thoughts, our heroes, our declarations, and our choices. I declared, “I am a divine daughter of God. I am a creator who radiates love and energy. I inspire and encourage others to their greatness.” As I declare this I feel alive.

The homework that night was to write a letter to our bodies and let our bodies write back. This was a very foreign exercise. It took me a while to get started as IT was giving me every reason why I had nothing to write. Then I decided to start.

Dear Body,

Our relationship has been rocky. I have abused you. I have allowed others to abuse you. I have hated you, worked you, and even ignored you.

I have listened to others words about you. I have taken them to be the truth.

You have served me well. You have worked hard, played hard, and stretched beyond your true from.

I am sorry for not loving you.

You are beautiful, strong, and amazing.

Beyond the odds you housed 3 amazing children as they developed.

You have protected my spirit.

I want you to know that I am choosing to release old wounds, fears, and beliefs, It is safe to release all excess weight. It is safe to be sexy. It is safe to be healthy & fit.

I choose to love an accept the journey we have gone through. I choose to create a relationship with you that is healthy, fit, sexy, and gentle. I am grateful for my body!

Love, Me

I felt inspired to wear my Wonder Woman shirt to the seminar. Then I felt like I needed to share my letter when Kim asked people to share. As I shared an amazing feeling of love and connection filled the room. Kim asked me to let my body write back to me and to report back.

As we continued the seminar Kim talked about taking care of ourselves and giving ourselves permission to pamper ourselves. I gave myself permission to get a Wonder Woman Tiara. So when I got home at the end of the seminar that is what I did.

I told JJ about that nights assignment to let my body respond. I think I was avoiding it, but JJ reminded me of my commitment. It took a while of sitting then reading the letter I wrote to my body before I felt my body response.

Dear Me,

Our rocky relationship gave you opportunity to grow. I have done hard things for you. I have proven I love you. Stop being angry with me. I accept what your are choosing to create.

I choose to be set free.

Love, your body

I reported back to the group last Sunday. I felt empowered and excited to practice the things I learned at the seminar. Sunday was great and I felt like anything I wanted was possible. Then Monday, things did not go as planned, the more I tried to be positive, declare new possibilities the more things fell apart. I was behind on my work and house from being gone, my kids where fighting with each other, and IT was winning. It seemed the more I tried to make changes the more mistakes I was making. Then I got an email from Kim with the visualization audio in it. As I did the visualization I realized that daily I will have ups and downs and that the more I practice the more I can live the life I choose.

I may not be perfect, but I AM passionate. I am strong, I am worthy, I am beautiful, I am charitable, I am creative, I am powerful, and  I am becoming Wonder Woman!

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