Suicide Awareness

September is Suicide Awareness Month which always causes me to reflect on my own journey. I want to acknowledge that as I write this it is not from my journals, but my memory, so my timelines may be skewed. My first suicidal thoughts I remember having where in High School, but then I got involved … More Suicide Awareness


Today JJ sent me a text that stated “You Are Loved”. Then he proceeded to ask me if I knew I was loved without having to do anything. He then asked each of our children the same thing. We had powerful conversation as a family about love. About understanding love and that true love is … More YOU ARE LOVED!

Loving Self

I am discovering that the root of most of my feelings of sadness and fear come from not loving my self. I grew up hating my body, hating my mind, and feeling less than everyone around me. I was bigger then my older sister and bullied because of my size, so I believed there must … More Loving Self

Everything that kills me makes me feel alive!

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and it has been 3 years since I wrote my first blog for Beyond Abuse Essential Healing “Opening a Dialog About Abuse“. I have learned a lot about myself as I have opened up about my life. I am continually growing and discovering. The last several months have been difficult … More Everything that kills me makes me feel alive!