Anxiety, Depression, and our own internal dialog often paint the way we see ourselves. We compare our worst against others best. We define ourselves by our perspective of celebrities, airbrushed models, and the lives we see on social media. I am grateful for the following perspective:


Life is about learning and growth. We learn from both the good and bad. I am who I am because of what I have experienced. I am strong because I have risen after being beat down. I am caring, and empathetic because I have been bullied,  and abused. I am loving because I have been loved. I AM ENOUGH because I AM LIVE! I have a purpose, a story to share, and I have others to serve. As I have been focusing on what I am grateful for, I have seen how blessed I am and that I have more to give.

YOU ARE ENOUGH! Each person I encounter leaves their own mark on my life therefore teaching a direct or indirect lesson. I hope you can discover your own reason. Here are a few reasons others are ENOUGH:

I AM ENOUGH because God don’t make no junk! In knowing that we are all love and that we were created exactly as we were meant to be and if we are made of love and from love and we are love, then it logically filled that I AM ENOUGH! ~ Heather F.

Kyle stated, “I AM ENOUGH because I AM!”

I AM ENOUGH because I am a child of God. I am who He created me to be and because He makes no mistakes, I AM ENOUGH! ~ Rose T.

Warrior stated, “I AM ENOUGH because I am a warrior”

I am learning more about being ENOUGH by loving myself. I am choosing to change my thoughts which is changing my experience of life. I am grateful for the experiences and life I have been given for grow. I am grateful for those who have taught me along the way. I have learned that as you love yourself more each day and you will discover you are ENOUGH. I share my daily process in my blog Loving Self.  Louise Hays states, “You do not have to earn love…you have the right to be loved because you exist.” We are ENOUGH because we exist.

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