Loving Self

I am discovering that the root of most of my feelings of sadness and fear come from not loving my self. I grew up hating my body, hating my mind, and feeling less than everyone around me. I was bigger then my older sister and bullied because of my size, so I believed there must be something wrong with me. I struggled in school, so I though I was stupid. I was diagnosed as dyslexic when I was in the 3rd grade.

I must forgive myself and then I must accept myself. I must love and accept my strengths and my weaknesses. In the book Emotions & Essential Oils: A Modern Resource for Healing by Daniel Macdonald Edition 6 states, “Bergamot – The Oil of Self-Acceptance –  Bergamot relieves fellings of despair, self-judgment, and low self-esteem. It supports individuals in need of self-acceptance and self love. Bergamot invites individuals to see life with more optimism.” It also states, “Rose – The Oil of Divine Love – Rose invites individuals to experience the unwavering, unchanging, unconditional love of the Divine. This love heals all hearts and dresses all wounds. It restores individuals to authenticity, wholeness, and purity. As one feels unconditional love and acceptance, the heart is softened. As the heart fully opens, a fountain of love flows freely through the soul.

Charkra Wellness Made Simple by Connie Boucher states, ” The heart chakra is the “I love you” chakra. It enables us to give and receive love in a healthy way and gives us the ability to deal with sadness, betrayal, and the loss of a loved one, such as a in the case of abandonment, divorce or death.”

I place Bergamot on my Heart Chakra, then make a fist with my right hand and while making clock wise motions with my fist I repeat the following:

I forgive myself for not treating my body well in the past. I was doing the best I could with the understanding and knowledge I had. Now I care enough for myself to nourish myself with all the best that Life has to offer. ~Louise Hay

Then I place Rose on my Heart Chakra, then make a fist with my right hand and while making clock wise motions with my fist I repeat the following:

I love my body, I am grateful for each and every piece of my body

Additional Affirmations that I use are:

  • I am generous with my love, it flows through me freely
  • I see with love
  • I am perfect just the way I am
  • My body supports me
  • My body is the right size, weight, color, and shape for me
  • All of my organs work perfectly
  • My body is my friend that I take loving care of
  • I love my stomach
  • I love my hair
  • I love my eyes
  • I love my legs
  • I love my arms
  • I love and accept my body
  • I am nurtured and nourished
  • My heart is the center of love
  • I am love
  • I am healthy, strong, and wise
  • I am healthy, healed, and whole
  • I give my body what it needs on every level to bring it up to optimum health
  • I eat nutritious foods with joy
  • I am in harmony with every part of life.
  • I sleep peacefully and wake up well rested
  • I bless my food with Love
  • I bless my body with Love
  • It’s okay for me to love myself
  • I determine my self worth, not society

Loving Self is a daily practice. After 40+ years of not loving myself I know that it will take time to change my self talk and truly love myself, but I know that I am worth it. I hope that I can teach my children to truly love themselves. I believe it is time to brake through the negative beliefs from our pasts become who we want to be.



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